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7 Chakras- The Top 5 Positive Psychological Qualities of the Chakras

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Muladhara Chakra

Based on the World of Instinct and the Core Physical Body, the Muladhara Chakra is also the Foundational Circle of the Earth Element, the last of the manifest Elements.

  • Stability: Without an active and balanced Muladhara, there can be no stability in the psychosomatic person, in the body and the mind. Scattering of the mind in terms of hyperactive thinking processes, unsteadiness of the breathing cycle and a weaker skeeto-muscular structure will be the result of a weakened or unbalanced Muladhara. For achieving anything, a stable mind and body are necessary. The balanced Muladhara lends this psychological stability to the mind and body.

  • Consistency: It is an active and well balanced Muladhara that generates the inner strength needed for consistency, in thought, feelings and action. Even when we are working on progress, or change, there must be consistency for the change to take effect.

  • Resolute: Once an intention has been expressed, to oneself or to others, as one’s desire or goal, the strong and balanced Muladhara generates the Purposeful Will Power need to move through any and all obstacles in order to achieve the final goal.

  • Familial Love and Loyalty: The Circle of Muladhara encompasses within it the strongest qualities of attachment and love to one’s family and/ or close friends. A strong Muladhara will also generate strong impulses of the desire for progeny or children. Strong Muladhara persons are self-sacrificing and extremely loyal towards their loved ones. This can sometimes be a blind love, due to the intensity of their attachment to their loved ones/ friends.

  • Practical/ Pragmatic: Not being ideological or too mindy, those with strong Muladhara will tend to be practical. That does not mean that they are flexible or adaptable, it simply means that even if the person with strong Muladhara does not particularly agree with a cultural practice/ set of rules, etc., he/ she will do whatever is necessary to stay happy and get their work done. Sometimes this can lead to submissiveness or lack of desire to change for the better.

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