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yoga philosophy class by Roshan Palat during the 5-month anubhva yoga ttc

45-Day P-TAK
4 Yogas
Teacher Training

1st Oct 2024 - 15th Nov 2024   1st April  - 15th May 2025

Intensive, Exhausitve & Integrated
Yoga TTC

About the 45-Day P-TAK Training Course




Aryamarga Yoga is proud to present the P-TAK 4 Yoga Teachers' certification programme, a 45 Day Intensive Yoga Training Course designed for those interested in actually experiencing the theory and practice of authentic Yoga. 

The PTAK 4 Yogas Teacher Training Course acts both as a precursor to Arya Marga Yoga’s more intense and exhaustive 5-Month Anubhava Yoga TTC and independently, as a unique introduction to the ancient science of Integrated Yoga.

Known by their sanskrit terms-Hatha, Mantra, Tantra and Raja Yoga, the Four Yogas of the Body, the Mind, Consciousness and No-Mind have been practiced for millennia in India as one single Integrated system. This integrated system cannot simply be learnt-it must be experienced.

initiation ceremony during the 5-Month Anubhava Yoga TTC
5-Month Anubhava Yoga TTC Graduation Ceremony
ayurveda teaching by Dr Garima during the 1-month somatic ttc

To rapidly enable the flowering of experiences in the Integrated 4 Yoga system, we utilize the experiential methods of Bhava-Spanda or Passion-Waves, the high intensification of mentally generated emotional states. The experience of this intensified emotion within the techniques of the 4 Yogas is the real inner revealer, and transformer of our personalities and bodies.


Experience in Samskrit is termed Anubhava and the Anubhava Yoga appreciation programme is designed to generate within the participants the inner experience of the 4 Yogas. The techniques learnt in the course will be practiced for maximum effect in these Himalayan settings to bring the experience to a close, and a new beginning.

  1. All the teachings are untouched and selected practices of the ancient Naga and Buddhist Vajrayana Lineages, tailored to be applicable for modern Yogic lifestyles

  2. Taught by teachers from the Forest tradition of the Giri Monks

  3. Detailed and Practical teaching of the Samkhya/ Numerological Reality

  4. Intensive training on the 27 Asanas P-TAK [5 Elements Asana Kriya] Sequence

  5. Training on identifying the Elemental compositions of any Yoga Asana.

  6. Practical training on the identification of the unique 5 Elements mix and the Psychology of the Individual

  7. Intensive, exhaustive and descriptive teaching of the Raja Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  8. Analytical and practical teaching of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika of Yogi Swatmarama

  9. Introduction to the 54 Asanas Advanced P-TAK [5 Elements Asana Kriya] Sequence

  10. More than 40 Hours of training on Assists and Hands on experience of Teaching Classes

  11. Introduction to the systems of Mantra Yoga and Yantra Yoga, the science of Mystic Sound and Geometry

  12. Introduction to the systems of Feminine Power, the Kundalini-Laya Yoga

  13. Introduction to the Vajrayana system of Buddhist Tantra

  14. Practical experience of the Pranayama & Meditation techniques of the VijnanaBhairava, from the ancient Shiva branch of Yoga-Tantra

  15. Teachings from one of the most highly considered ancient Indian post-Vedic Texts, the Mandukya Upanishad

  16. Practical teaching and hands on Teaching Classes of Yoga Nidra or Lucid Dreaming

  17. Demonstration and guided teaching of the 6 Cleansing and Detoxifying Practices of Hatha Yoga, the ShatKarmas

  18. Detailed teachings on the a) Awareness, b) Focus, c) One pointedness and d) Intuition categories of Meditation

  19. Overnight Treks and mountain day walks to Forest hot springs and Himalayan mountain ridges for mountain herbs spotting

  20. Ideal, aesthetic and quiet mountain retreat ashram atmosphere for the proper practice and study of the Yogas

P-TAK Teacher Training Course- Key Takeaways

teacher certification ceremony
asana class by cookie during the 5-month anubhava yoga ttc
boxing training part of teacher training course
certification ceremony
Roshan Palat - Yoga Teacher and Founder of AMY

Roshan Palat, Founder & Philosophy Teacher

Roshan met his Guru near an alpine village a few hours hiking distance from the mountain town of Uttarkashi.
Ganapati Baba’s teaching of the 4 Yogas of the ancient Mahasiddhas Lineage and the profound manner in which it was imparted changed Roshan’s life forever.
Being instructed to learn more about Mahakaruna / The Great Compassion and Shunyata/Emptiness, by his Guru, Roshan undertook a 3-year study into Mahayana Buddhism and the View and Practices derived by that system from the 84 Mahasiddhas.
Since then he has been residing, practising and teaching in the Tibetan town of Bir

cookie demonstrating natarajasana at spirit valley

Thanida Palat, Co-founder & Hatha Asana Teacher

Thanida, a citizen of Thailand, has been teaching various forms of traditional Hatha Yoga across Thailand and India. She has received advanced Hatha training from Kaivalyadham, Pune, Bihar Yoga Bharati, Munger, Sivananda Ashram, Kerala and JivamuktiYoga, New York.

Having received Yoga training in the Lineage of the 84 Mahasiddhas, Thanida has incorporated her knowledge of the Hatha Asanas with the structure of the 5 element intensification and harmonization practices of the Lineage.

akshat madan_teacher at aryamarga yoga

Akshat Madan, Pranayama & Somatic Yoga Teacher

Akshat, after having quit his job as a financial advisor, set out to travel the mystical land of Yogis and Sages. He was spellbound by the beauty and diversity that India offered, but found it almost impossible to make any coherent sense of his spiritual experience. The thirst for knowledge remained unsatiated.  It was during his meeting with Roshanji, that an instant and deep connection was formed to a living lineage of yogic masters. He took the quantum leap and decided to fully immerse and dedicate himself to this new lifestyle

Our Team of Teachers

Who should attend the P-TAK Yoga Training Course

The 45-Day P-TAK 4 Yogas Teacher Training Course introduces the 4-Yoga System in an intense and integrated manner. The training course lays a special emphasis on integrating the practices, as elucidated in the 11th-century master-text Hatha Yoga Pradipka, to the view and perspective as explained in the Raja Yoga Sutras

The training during the course is intense, consisting of 6-7 classes every day for 6 days a week and a minimum 90% attendance rate is expected of the students. We cap the student intake for all our training courses to a maximum of 10 students. This helps us ensures the quality of teaching and also allows us to personalize the teachings according to each student's aptidude. 
Our students come from all over the world, and the ages usually range from 20´s through 50´s. We require that the students have good health and have the stamina to keep up with the course.

Detailed Course Schedule - Goa, Winter Edition

3 Day Orientation Program : 15th November – 18th November 2023 

  • Registration and Visit to Goa and surrounding areas

  • Introduction to the Natha Lineage

  • 4 Vedas, Yugas, Shad-Darshanas, History of Yoga

  • Introduction to 5 Elements, Samkhya, Mantra Vidya, Laya and Raja

P-TAK 4-YOGAS TRAINING : 20th November – 3rd January 2024 

  • Daily P-TAK Asana Training & more than 40 hours of Practical and Hands-on Assists Training 

  • Training into the Integrated 5-Element Pranayama Sequence Training

  • In-depth study of the Samkhya Philosophy (Shuddha Tattvas, Kanchukas, Ashudda Tattvas)

  • Exhaustive explanation of the 5-Elements that form the Universe as well as the Human Body 

  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika – Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Nada-Anusandhana and Shat-karmas

  • Patanjali Yoga Sutras – Samadhi Pada, Sadhana Pada & Vibhuti Pada

  • Excerpts from Mandukya Upanishad and Shiva Sutra

  • Training in the Yogic Perspective of the Human Anatomy and Physiology

  • Introduction to the Sanskrit Language- Svaras and Vyanjani, Basic Sandhi Rules


Daily Schedule



8:00 – 9:00 AM : PRANAYAMA KRIYA

9:15 – 10:30 AM : BREAKFAST

10:30 – 11:45 AM : THEORY – YOGA ANATOMY


1:30 – 2:30 PM : LUNCH BREAK

2:30 – 3:15 PM : SIESTA




7:00 – 8:30 PM : DINNER BREAK



With over 300 hours of Yogic theory and practicals, the P-TAK 4 Yogas TTC culminates in a 3-day final examination. Successful participants of the training course are awarded a certification, giving them the right to be an instructor in the following:

  1. 27-Asana P-TAK Sequence 

  2. 5-Element Pranayama Sequence

  3. Yoga Vidya - Hatha Yoga Pradipika 

  4. Yoga Vidya - Patanjali Yoga Sutras

It must be strongly stated, however, that AryaMarga is not affiliated with Yoga Alliance or any other organisation as we are a stand alone institute. Our aim and objective is to tranmit the authentic yogic teachings of the original Naga Lineage, founders of Hatha Yoga and Laya/Kundalini Yoga.

5-Month TTC Certification Ceremony

Student Reviews


The P-TAK Course is a full-time residential course. The 45-day 4 Yogas P-TAK module will be conducted in the Yog Niketan Ashram in Uttarkashi, a stunning place at 1500m, with deeply-felt spiritual energies with its serene Himalayan backdrop and the convergence of sacred rivers next to the Ashram. 


Students get to choose between 3-Bed Dorm Accommodation, Private Cottage Accommodation and Shared Cottage Accommodation.   


During the 45-Day PTAK 4 Yogas Teacher Training, we prefer following the Yogic Diet which, contrary to what many people believe, is not Vegan. 
Students get home-cooked vegetarian meals during their stay at the Ashram Institute. Some of the vegetables are directly sourced from our kitchen-garden.
We ensure that the daily nutritional requirements of the students are met through a wholesome dietary plan. 

Registration & Fees

 The P-TAK 4 Yogas Teacher Training Course opens with a 3 day orientation session, which introduces the teachings and the lineage to the students. A student will be accepted for the course only if the aptitude of the provisional student meets with the criterion of the course during the 3 day period. The entire course fee (excluding registration fee) will be refunded in case a student decides to discontinue the course during the first 3 days. No refunds will be entertained post the orientation period.

We advise our students to please keep their travel programs for India flexible in case they do not meet the criterion for the course.

Registration Fees (Non-refundable)* 

SAARC Country Citizen – INR 20,000 

Non-SAARC Country Citizen – $250 

Kindly email us at for more details as concerns the Total Course Fees for the P-TAK 4 Yogas Teacher Training Course

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