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AryaMarga Institute FAQs

For Your Information

How many students do you take for your courses?

The number of students per batch of our long-term yoga training programme is usually 8-12, with our upper limit for student admissions set at 12, and their average age range is 25-35. The gender ratio is 70:30, Female: Male on an average. The students tend to come from all over the world, with usually 50% of the students from Europe, 30% from India and the rest from assorted countries.

The 5-month Anubhava/ Experiential Yoga course is a Teachers programme and a highly advanced one at that. The Asana teaching capacities that will be grown in the student during the course will through the knowledge of the techniques, the Elemental structure of the Asanas, the ability to pass on to others the method of bridging of the body and the mind through the breath and Mantra. Assists also play an essential part in the teaching of Asanas to others and the Vinyasas regarding the cautions at each step of each asana are ingrained in the students by the end of the training, where they will test out their knowledge gained through experience during the 5 months, on each other, and then on non-course students. Finally the students will individually demonstrate their intuitive and integrative grasp of the science of Asanas in examinations conducted by the Founding Teachers.  Proficiency will also be gained by the students to begin first stage psycho-diagnosis, psychotherapy and somatic therapy of more than 20 common diseases/ ailments, based on the training received by them during the 5 month course.

Shri. Roshan Mohandas Palat, who was a lawyer before training under his Guru, Shri. Ganapati Giri, in the mountain forests of Uttarakhand,  is an initiate in the Traditions and Lineages of Vajrayana Buddhism and
the Naga Lineage of monks.
Shrimati. Thanida Rakkaew, is from Thailand, where after teaching in Asana studios for 5 years, she undertook advanced Asana and Yoga training in various centers and under various Gurus in India for a period of 5 years, after which she helped to co-found AryaMarga Yoga and has been the Director of the Asana Programme since such time.
Shri Akshat Madan left his investment banking job in 2015, after being initiated by Shri. Roshan Mohandas Palat and has been studying , conducting research and teaching with AryaMarga Yoga since then, specialising in somatic disease research and alternative body based therapies.
Shrimati Maria Angel, from Colombia has been studying, and conducting research in Yogic psychology with AMY now for the past 4 years after having been intitiated by Shri. Roshan Mohandas Palat. Prior to that I was an Asana teacher, teaching in studios in Australia.
The guest teachers for the 5 Month TTC are mainly in the Somatic Therapy module, as the other 3 modules have been developed, integrated and are taught purely by our main in-house teachers.

Are you affiliated with Yoga Alliance? 

We are in no way affiliated with Yoga Alliance or any organization as such. We are a Lineage based Institute and a stand alone in Applied Yogic Research. Our courses offer a highly intensive immersive experience of traditional Yogic teachings and hence it is counterproductive for us to compromise our standards and our 6,000 year-old tradition of ancient teachings by associating with yoga teacher directories such as Yoga Alliance.

You may apply for a 6-month tourist visa which the Indian government allows or we have the 2-week break in the middle of our course for those who only have a 3-month visa. During this time they can go back to their home countries to re-apply or go to Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Thailand or any other neighboring country that allows to apply quickly for another 3-month visa. If you need an invitation letter for any of these, we would be happy to provide you with an official invitation letter from the Institute to help you with the process.

You can pay the whole course at once or you can just pay our Registration Fee of USD $500, and pay the rest of the fee anytime before the start of the course. The Registration fee is necessary to book your spot, reserve your accommodation of choice and allow us to print the necessary course material for you. We accept all major International Debit & Credit cards.

Bir-billing, Himachal Pradesh has extremely changing weather and during the 5-months we will be fluctuation from very cold to hot to very wet. Layers and fast-drying clothes are highly recommended. When the student registers with us, we send them a Welcome Kit with information that will help them prepare and pack for the necessary time spent. You may also write to us with any specific questions you may have and are welcome to send or order things to the Institute if you feel you need anything extra that you didn't pack with you.

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