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certification ceremony of the 5-Month Anubhava Yoga Teacher Training Course, India

Yoga Psychology Training Course, India
1st Jan - 31st Jan 2025 (Goa) | 1st July - 31st July 2025 (Himalayas)

About the Course


The 1 month Yoga Psychology / Manasik Yoga Certification programme is an intensive, 200 hour certification programme, culminating in the awarding of the Manasik Yoga Kriyakar/ Yoga Psychology Novice certification. Harking back to the Yoga of Discriminative Numeration or Samkhya Yoga, the diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic techniques of Yoga Psychology are based on the understanding of the absolute and moment to moment uniqueness of each individual.

When the mind is without thought, the self is established in its TRUE NATURE. At all other times, the identification of the self is with the ongoing MENTAL PROCESS only. So taught the greatest and most original of the psychologists, ,Maharishi Patanjali in his ancient masterwork, the Yoga Sutras. Personality is then, mostly a display of cognitive fallacies governed by incorrect mental processes. No wonder we are never satisfied, due to this inner imperfection. But is it possible to evolve in this very life beyond our limited personalities forced upon us by nature and nurture? Absolutely and with certainty, the answer is a resounding Yes, as per Yoga psychology.

All of us humans are not just the body nor are we only the mind. We are a perfect combined unity-the psychosomatic being called Human. Neither the body nor the mind can be seen as separate from the other and this is where 21st century allopathic and psychological practices have failed, as they demand an artificial separation between the body and mind- a separation that does not exist.

Balance in the body therefore automatically leads to a balanced mind and vice-versa. The connector that links the body to the mind is the breath.  Any system claiming the title of Holistic therapy must address these 3 –in-1 system-the body, breath and mind. Achieving balance within this 3-in-1 system would automatically lead to a fit and disease resistant body, clear and powerful mental faculties and deep relaxed breathing, with a low resting heart rate.

Contemporary psychology and its associated psychotherapeutic techniques categorise unique human personalities into neat boxes formed of pre-conceived notions, fancifully projected as axioms, by a psychiatric community constantly seeking the validation of psychology as a precise natural science. The hectic attempts to verifiably predict human mental processes through axiomatic structures has led to the oversimplification of the immensely sophisticated and subtle human personality. Unbeknown to psychiatrists but well known to most others, humans are neither rats nor computers, so rat behaviourism and game theory cannot really help map the human mental process, as it is the observer of the rat experiment, not the rat, and the creator of the computer programme, not the programme, that is under study in psychology.



The prognostic effectiveness of Yoga psychology arises from the individual Yogic psychologist’s skill at arriving at a correct diagnosis of the Unique Integral Personality Matrix, using the evaluative and testing methods available in the Yoga psychology toolkit. Therapy is then administered through adjusting the imbalanced matrices and strengthening or re-associating weak or dissonant link factors.


Yoga psychology is, without doubt, the oldest and most time tested system of study concerning the human mind, its fallacies and their correction. At ARYAMARGA YOGA, we have worked over a decade to integrate the diverse systems of ancient Yoga Psychology into a single composite system of psychological diagnosis, prognosis and therapy, called the 0 Point System.


Starting with customised diagnosis of personality traits as per Yoga Psychology, the 0 Point System provides customised suites of Yogic tools-comprising of Asanas, Pranayamas and Psychological techniques suited to the individual personality. The customisation process is decided by the initial survey and observation based diagnosis of the individual, a process called Personality Mapping.  This process allows us to understand our own unique personality system. We then target personality traits desired by the individual and finally give form to the suite of tools so that they may act as a ‘Personality Bridge’ between the existing personality with its existing traits and the Desired Personality with its desirable traits. The process of transformation or Personality Expansion, is then activated and realised, its speed depending upon the regularity and intensity of practice of the suite of individualised Yogic tools within the 0 Point System.

Yoga Psychology Teacher Training - Key Takeaways

1. The theory of Yogic Psychology and the Integrated 0 Point System based on the 5+1 Elements 

2. Self study and character mapping through the 0 Point System of Yogic Psychology 

3. Diagnosis, Prognosis and Therapy of psychological conditions using the 0 Point System of Yogic Psychology 

4. Categorisation of psychological and physiological traits into 5 Element Personality Combinations 

5. 10 Major categories of Mental and Behavioural Disorders under ICD-10 addressed through Yogic Psychology 

6. Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral Techniques for Therapy and Psychological Evolution from the RAJA YOGA, SHIVA TANTRAS AND BUDDHIST TANTRAS 

7. Constructive comparison of the 21st century state of Psychology and the 0 Point System of Yogic Psychology 

8. Mapping the Personality Traits, Potential and Manifest to the “petals” of the 7 Chakras or Psychosomatic Centres 

9. The Theory and Components of Archetypes, Cultures and Lucid Dreaming 

10. The Science of Dream Architecture and its construction for therapy 

11. The Method of the Mandukya Upanishad-the Highest Text of the Vedas/ Vedanta: Dream-Reality Techniques 

12. Methods of Self-Actualisation for transforming one’s own life and those of the clients/ patients. 

13. Construction of 5 Element Surveys for Personality Confirmation 

14. In-depth training on the Cognitive Biases and Fallacies, their supporting conditions and the Solutions towards True Cognition 

15. Psychotherapy tools used and taught include: 5 Senses based Therapy, Awareness methods, Pranayama-Breathing Methods, Physical postural methods, Movement Methods, Mudra-Gestural Method, Play Acting Methods, Lucid Dreaming Methods, Expression Methods, Exposure Methods, Emotional Memory Realignment Methods, etc. 

16. Evolutionary tools used and taught include: Higher Consciousness Access Methods, Gateway techniques, Creative Flow Techniques, Absorbed Mind techniques, Assumption-Mind and No-Mind Techniques, etc. 

17. Experiential methods of Kriya Yoga, an aspect of Kundalini Yoga as a system of psychological Evolution 

18. The ability to selectively activate or deactivate traits and abilities within oneself, as befits the situation 

19. The secret of Perspective transformation, Skillful Living and psychological completion, moment to moment and event to event 

20. The 0 Point System of Yogic Psychology as the Golden Key to unlock the identity of the True Immortal Self

Frequently Asked Questions

Please consider referring to our FAQ page for any questions that you might have concerning the Psychology course or any of our long-term courses. If you have any specific question that remains unanswered, feel free to reach out to us directly at  We will be happy to provide further assistance.

yoga psychology certification ceremony
boxing training part of teacher training course
our students enjoying a good time in spiti valley
Tantra Yoga Teachings in Tabo

Our Team of Teachers

Roshan Palat - Yoga Teacher and Founder of AMY

Roshan Palat, Founder & Philosophy Teacher

Roshan met his Guru near an alpine village a few hours hiking distance from the mountain town of Uttarkashi.
Ganapati Baba’s teaching of the 4 Yogas of the ancient Mahasiddhas Lineage and the profound manner in which it was imparted changed Roshan’s life forever.
Being instructed to learn more about Mahakaruna / The Great Compassion and Shunyata/Emptiness, by his Guru, Roshan undertook a 3-year study into Mahayana Buddhism and the View and Practices derived by that system from the 84 Mahasiddhas.
Since then he has been residing, practising and teaching in the Tibetan town of Bir

Cookie demonstrating natarajasana at tabo monastery in spiti valley

Thanida Palat, Co-founder & Hatha Asana Teacher

Thanida, a citizen of Thailand, has been teaching various forms of traditional Hatha Yoga across Thailand and India. She has received advanced Hatha training from Kaivalyadham, Pune, Bihar Yoga Bharati, Munger, Sivananda Ashram, Kerala and JivamuktiYoga, New York.

Having received Yoga training in the Lineage of the 84 Mahasiddhas, Thanida has incorporated her knowledge of the Hatha Asanas with the structure of the 5 element intensification and harmonization practices of the Lineage.

akshat madan_one of the teachers at aryamarga yoga

Akshat Madan, Pranayama & Somatic Yoga Teacher

Akshat, after having quit his job as a financial advisor, set out to travel the mystical land of Yogis and Sages. He was spellbound by the beauty and diversity that India offered, but found it almost impossible to make any coherent sense of his spiritual experience. The thirst for knowledge remained unsatiated.  It was during his meeting with Roshanji, that an instant and deep connection was formed to a living lineage of yogic masters. He took the quantum leap and decided to fully immerse and dedicate himself to this new lifestyle

The Zero-Point Psychology System

The 1-Month Yoga Psychology Teacher Training Course with the founder of the 0 Point System, Shri. Roshan Palat will be an in-depth introduction to the theory, practice and techniques of the main components of the 0 Point system.  Divided into 6 sections and spread out over 150 classes, the intensive 1-Month Psychology Training Course will allow the participants to plunge into intense self-awareness of their own thoughts, feelings, emotions and intentions.


This will be followed by the creating of a complementary personality that will complete our own existing personality traits. Lastly the process of transformation and metamorphosis, internalising and becoming the new persona is taught and practiced by the participants.


Ancient meditation and psychological techniques from systems of Shiva tantra, Vajrayana tantra and the Raja Yogas will all be introduced and their secret practical usage explained. Participants will understand by themselves how these ancient techniques are mapped across the Cognitive, Affective, Behavioural and Conative axes of modern psychology.  

Participants will learn and understand the basic secrets of the physical postures or Asanas and how they are related to the psyche of the individual. Knowing this, participants will be able to practise and realise the mind-transforming techniques hidden within these physical postures.

Specific breathing techniques which must always be practised within a special mental perspective will be introduced and the participants will immediately realise the power of these secretive breath based techniques that have the unique power to evolve the mind and produce physiological homeostasis.


Daily Schedule




9:15 – 10:45 AM : BREAKFAST


12:30 – 2:30 PM : LUNCH BREAK




6:30 – 7:30 PM : YOGA NIDRA & DREAM YOGA

7:30 – 8:30 PM : DINNER BREAK



With over 200 hours of Yogic theory and practicals, the 1-Month Yoga Psychology TTC culminates in a 3-day final examination. Successful participants of the training course are awarded a certification, giving them the right to be an instructor in the following:

  1. Zero-Point System of Psychology 

  2. 5-Element Asana Sequence

  3. Basic Kriya Yoga Meditation Sequence  

  4. Therapeutic Yoga Nidra Sequence

It must be strongly stated, however, that AryaMarga is not affiliated with Yoga Alliance or any other organisation as we are a stand alone institute. Our aim and objective is to tranmit the authentic yogic teachings of the original Naga Lineage, founders of Hatha Yoga and Laya/Kundalini Yoga.

5-Month TTC Certification Ceremony

Student Reviews


The 1-Month Yoga Psychology Teacher Training Course is a full-time residential course. Accommodation would be provided at the spiritually charged Yog Niketan Ashram Ashram for the Himalayan edition and Satori Wellness Resort for the Winter Edition. The pristine Himalayan setting when combined with the powerful Yogic Kriyas allows for the rapid ascension onto the wondrous levels of Yoga. 

Students get to choose between 3-Bed Deluxe Villa Accommodation, Double Sharing Villa Accommodation and Private Villa Accommodation.   


During the 1-Month Yoga Psychology Teacher Training, we prefer following the Yogic Diet which, contrary to what many people believe, is not Vegan. 
Students get home-cooked vegetarian meals during their stay at the Ashram Institute. Some of the vegetables are directly sourced from our kitchen-garden.
We ensure that the daily nutritional requirements of the students are met through a wholesome dietary plan. 

Registration & Fees

 The 1-Month Yoga Psychology Teacher Training Course opens with a 1 day orientation session, which introduces the teachings and the lineage to the students. A student will be accepted for the course only if the aptitude of the provisional student meets with the criterion of the course during the 1 day period. The entire course fee (excluding registration fee) will be refunded in case a student decides to discontinue the course during the first 3 days. No refunds will be entertained post the orientation period.

We advise our students to please keep their travel programs for India flexible in case they do not meet the criterion for the course.

Registration Fees (Non-refundable)* 

SAARC Country Citizen – INR 20,000 

Non-SAARC Country Citizen – $250 

Kindly email us at for more details as concerns the Total Course Fees for the 1-Month Yoga Psychology Teacher Training Course

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