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5-Month Anubhava Yoga Teacher Training Course 2024

5-Month 1100HR
Anubhava Yoga
Teacher Training

1st Oct 2024 - 1st March 2025 (Gokarna)
15th May 2025 - 15th Oct 2025 (Spiti Valley)

Probably the Most
Intensive & Integrated
Yogic Training
in the World

A Brief

Yoga is Union. But, we are, each one of us, already in Union or Yoga with our existing identities right now, namely our own bodies, our senses, memories and mind. Taking our scattered selves to the higher levels of Integrated Self Awareness is the Whole Science and Art of Yoga. The levels of Willful evolution of our Integrated self ends only at the Absolute Experience. 

This is Yoga, This is Higher Experience, the Anubhava of True Yoga.

intensive yoga classes during the 5-month course
anubhava yoga long term teacher training course (Asana class)

The 5-Month Anubhava Yoga Teacher Training Course is structured specifically to help you achieve this Anubhava or Experience of True Yoga. The 4 Crucial components for experiencing the Higher Levels of Self within a TTC are the Teaching Methodology, the Teaching Content and Authenticity, the Environment where the Teaching is happening and last, but not the least, the Teachers and their Quality
Our mission, at AryaMarga Yoga, given to us by our Yoga Guru is to correct the dilution and confusion of True Yoga that has been an unfortunate consequence of the blatant commercialisation of Yoga.

What you will receive at AryaMarga Yoga is the Essence and Secret Practices of the 4 Yogas comprising the ancient Anuttara Yoga Tantra or the Highest Union of Yoga and Tantra Path. 

raja yoga teachings during the 5-month anubhava yoga teacher training course.jpg
Tratak Kriya during.jpg

Your 5-Month Yogic journey of transmutation begins with the P-TAK 4 Yogas Course, introducing the 4 Yogas - The Hatha, Mantra-Prana, Laya and Raja-Samadhi Yoga, and gaining introductory level proficiency in all the 4 Yogas.

The Second sub-module TTC, the Somatic Therapy Training Course will train the students, through Intermediate Level of 5-Elements Mastery, towards preventing, diagnosing and treating more than 20 Major Lifestyle Diseases. An Intermediate Level of Kriya Yoga, Pranayama & Asanas will also achieved by the students within this course. 

5-month yoga teacher training course certification in the caves of Tabo, spiti
5-Month COurse Students at Tabo during the Tantra Module of 5-Month Course.jpeg

In the 3rd Sub-module of the TTC, the Yogic Psychology Course, the students will undergo training in the o-Point Systems of the Chakras ad the Petalline Architecture Personality Systems. Training will also progress of the Kriya Yoga Systems to an advanced level within this course module. Students will be trained to immediately perceive and cognise the Whole Personality of others and have awareness of their own Unique Psychological traits of personality. Psychological and Emotional self-healing, diagnostics, therapy and evolutionary methodologies will be taught and practiced in this course module of the TTC.  

This in turn allows the student to move from being one who experiences the power of Yoga, to one who heals, and help develop the bodies and minds of others with Yoga - a true teacher.

certification ceremony for the 5 month TTC course in caves of tabo
WhatsApp Image 2021-12-10 at 11.35.17 AM.jpeg

The Final and the 4th module of the 5-Month TTC is the Tantra Yoga Course. This course is not, strictly speaking a TTC as the students are not undergoing training in this course to be teachers. Rather, they are being trained in the subtle and immensely powerful methods of Yogini/Shakti Tantras and the MahaMudra systems of Yoga. This is a purely experiential course, intense, technical and demanding. The magical and esoteric worlds of Tantras within are revealed through experience, transforming the self & life, by the practice of these wondrous systems of Anuttara Yoga Tantra.  


Detailed Curriculum

The 5-Month 1100HR Anubhava Yoga TTC comprises 4-Modules, all of which you can take together as the whole Intensive Integrative Training, or which you can take separately depending on your personal interest.

Detailed requirements for registering for each module if taken separately is included in the information below. The training during the course is intense, consisting of 6-7 classes every day for 6 days a week with Saturdays being a half day and a 90% attendance rate is required of the students. We keep the batches intimate and personal so we tend to limit the batch size to between 10-12 students who come from all over the World.
The ages usually range from 20´s through 60´s and we require that the students have good health, are not presently prescribed any psychotropic medication, have not had any major surgeries for a minimum period of two years from before the date of application for the course, and have the stamina to keep up with the course.

1st Module : P-TAK 4 Yogas TTC

The P-TAK module introduces the 4-Yoga System in an intense and integrated manner, with particular focus on integrated yoga practices from Hatha Yoga & Raja Yoga. There are 3-4 theory classes per day, consisting of Raja Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Introduction to Samkhya Philosophy and the psychology of 5-Elements.

Our classes are intensive, exhaustive and descriptive, taught by teachers from the Mountain tradition of the Naga-Giri Monks and the Vajrayana Lineage.


The main subjects taught during the P-TAK 4 Yogas TTC are as follows :-  

Hatha Asanas

During the course, students undergo training in the P-TAK (Pancha Tattva Asana Kriya) twice daily. This is a Hatha Asana practice of 75 minutes specifically developed to harmonize and energize our Elemental composition, preparing the body and mind for further advanced Pranayama & Meditation Kriyas (practices).

pranayama kriyas during 5-month yoga ttc in india

Pranayama Kriyas

Students also get to practice the Pranayamas & Kriya techniques of the ancient Shaiva branch of Anuttara Yoga-Tantra. The daily 60 minutes Pranayama session is scheduled post the morning Hatha Yoga Asana class. 

raja yoga teachings during the 5-month anubhava yoga teacher training course

Patanjali's Raja Yoga  

Intensive, exhaustive & descriptive teaching of the Raja Yoga Sutras of Patanjali taught in the tradition of Mahamudra and Dzogchen Samadhi Yoga 

Niralamba Sirsasana hatha yoga pradipika ttc

Hatha Yoga Pradipika 

Analytical and practical teachings of the 14th century master text Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Yogi Swatmarama. 

Screenshot (176)_edited.jpg

Shatkarma Practices

Once a week there is the morning practice & training in the Shatkarmas/Cleansing Practices.

5 elements as taught in the 5 month intensive yoga teacher training course

Samkhya 5-Elements 

The module introduces psychological study of the 5-Elements - their cognitive, affective and behavioural traits

2nd Module : Somatic Therapy TTC

The Second module is an advanced study of the 5-Elements and their physical manifestation in the body. Each Element is mapped to specific bodily organs based on Yogic understanding of the Element and its correlation with the functioning of the organ. Students learn how the harmonious interaction between the bodily hormones helps maintain homeostasis, and about the imbalances that lead to disease.
This module is also our Yoga Therapy Module, covering as it does the Etiology, Diagnosis, Prognosis and Therapy for over 20 lifestyle based diseases. Within this module Anatomy studies are intensified, the P-TAK sequence is changed from the 27 asana practice to a 2 and half hour practice of 54 advanced asanas, the A-PTAK sequence.

Pranayama and visualisations are more specific where students start learning curated Asana sequences to prevent the onset of future diseases and to treat existing ones.
The students will study these diseases from an allopathic point as well as the Yogic perspective. This module is not Theory intensive, but more practical in nature.

mikhail vaishnav_student at aryamarga yoga
the jourey from being a Yoga student to a light-activator, a true teacher

3rd Module : Yoga Psychology TTC 

The Third Module is the Yogic Psychology module which introduces the 0 Point System – the culmination of over a decades long research by AryaMarga Yoga to integrate the diverse systems of yoga psychology into a composite system of Psychological Diagnosis, Prognosis and Therapy.

Starting with customised diagnosis of personality traits as per Yoga Psychology, the 0 Point System provides customised suites of Yogic tools-that comprises of Asanas, Pranayamas and Psychological techniques suited to the individual personality.
The customisation process is decided by the initial survey and observation based diagnosis of the individual, a process called Personality Mapping. This process allows us to understand our own unique personality system. We then target personality traits desired by the individual and finally give form to the suite of tools so that they may act as a ‘Personality Bridge’ between the existing personality with its existing traits and the Desired Personality with its desirable traits. The process of transformation or Personality Expansion is then activated and realised, its speed depending upon the regularity and intensity of practice of the suite of individualised Yogic tools within the 0 Point System. In this module, the students will also be introduced to the in depth study of the Siva Sutras, Mudras, Advanced pranayama, Yoga Nidra practices and Laya Yoga Theory.

advanced kriya kundalini practices

Advanced Kriya Yoga

21-Step Kriya Kundalini practices which form the foundational basis for advanced Tantric practices. 

Yoga Nidra Practices from the Tantras

Dream Yoga Kriyas

The theory of Dream Engineering, Archetypes, and the practice of dream construction for therapy and evolution

the yoga psychology system of petals and chakras

Zero-Point System

Personality mapping, Diagnosis, Prognosis and Cognitive-Behavioral-Affective Therapy from Yogas & Tantras

4th Module : Anuttara Yoga Tantra Yoga TTC


Finally, the last module consists of the Tantra studies where in the student dives in to the study of Tantra Yoga-Vijnanabhairava, Anuttara Yoga Tantra, Mantra Vidya and the 6 Yogas of Naropa and Vajrayogini Tantra Kriyas. Post the study of the texts and introduction to the practices, the students will engage fully in the Kriyas independently in their own chosen caves/hut. Transformative and tantric experiences will be discussed with Guruji who will guide the students on the signs seen and way forward.

Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Tabo Retreat.jpg

Gokarna, South India

Roshan Palat - Yoga Teacher and Founder of AMY

Roshan Palat, Founder & Philosophy Teacher

Roshan Ji met his Guru near an alpine village a few hours hiking distance from the mountain town of Uttarkashi.
Ganapati Baba’s teaching of the 4 Yogas of the ancient Mahasiddhas Lineage and the profound manner in which it was imparted changed Roshan’s life forever.
Being instructed to learn more about Mahakaruna / The Great Compassion and Shunyata/Emptiness, by his Guru, Roshan Ji undertook a 3-year study into Mahayana Buddhism and the View and Practices derived by that system from the 84 Mahasiddhas.
Since then he has been residing, practising and teaching in the Tibetan town of Bir

Our Team of Teachers

cookie demonstrating natarajasana at tabo valley in spiti

Thanida Palat, Co-founder & Hatha Asana Teacher

Thanida Née Cookie Ji, a citizen of Thailand, has been teaching various forms of traditional Hatha Yoga across Thailand and India. Cookie Ji has received advanced Hatha training from Kaivalyadham, Pune, Bihar Yoga Bharati, Munger, Sivananda Ashram, Kerala and JivamuktiYoga, New York.

Having received Yoga training in the Lineage of the 84 Mahasiddhas, Cookie Ji has incorporated her knowledge of the Hatha Asanas with the structure of the 5 element intensification and harmonization practices of the Lineage.

akshat madan_ Our Teachers AryaMarga Yoga

Akshat Madan, Pranayama & Somatic Yoga Teacher

Akshat, set out to travel the mystical land of Yogis and Sages. He was spellbound by the beauty and diversity that India offered, but found it almost impossible to make any coherent sense of his spiritual experience. The thirst for knowledge remained unsatiated.  It was during his meeting with Roshanji, that an instant and deep connection was formed to a living lineage of yogic masters. He took the quantum leap and decided to fully immerse and dedicate himself to this new lifestyle


Detailed Course Schedule (Winter Edition)

3 Day Orientation Program : 15th Nov – 18th Nov 2023 

  • Registration and Visit to Bir and surrounding areas

  • Introduction to the Natha Lineage

  • 4 Vedas, Yugas, Shad-Darshanas, History of Yoga

  • Introduction to 5 Elements, Samkhya, Mantra Vidya, Laya and Raja

P-TAK 4-YOGAS TRAINING : 20th Nov – 4th Jan 2023 

  • Basic P-TAK Asana Training

  • 5 Element Pranayama Sequence Training

  • In-depth study of the Samkhya Philosophy (Shuddha Tattvas, Kanchukas, Ashudda Tattvas)

  • The Theory of 5-Elements

  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika – Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Nada-Anusandhana and Shat-karmas

  • Patanjali Yoga Sutras – Raja Yoga

  • Excerpts from Mandukya Upanishad and Shiva Sutra

  • Yoga Anatomy and Physiology

  • Learning the Sanskrit Language-I

SOMATIC THERAPY TRAINING : 4th Jan – 3rd Feb 2024 

  • Advanced Anatomy – Organ Systems, Asana & Physiology

  • Basic & Advanced P-TAK Asana Training

  • Ayurveda – Doshas, Diet & Nadi Vijnana

  • 5 Element Yoga Therapy – 20 ailments and 90 asanas, Endocrinal Mapping, Ayurvedic Mapping

  • Advanced Mudra and Yoga Nidra Techniques for Therapy

  • Hatha-Laya Yoga- Mapping of the Elemental combinations in the individual human psychology.

  • Learning the Sanskrit Language-I

14-Day Break: 4th – 15th February 2024

YOGA PSYCHOLOGY TRAINING : 16th February – 15th March 2024 

  • Foundational P-TAK Asana Sequence

  • Functional behaviourism and test models

  • Affective-Conative theories as per the Laya Chakra System

  • Yogic View of the mind and consciousness

  • Applied Raja Yoga Sutras- Mapping of the Elemental combinations in the individual human psyche

  • The Levels and components of the Unique Personality Matrix as per Yogic Psychology

  • Introduction to Prognosis, Diagnosis and Therapy as per Zero Point System

  • Cognitive Learning theories & Cognitive Behavioural therapy as per the Zero Point System

 Tantra Yoga- Bhuta Shuddhi Tantra Kriyas, Vajra Yogini Tantra, MahaMudra  : 16th March – 15th April 2024 

  • VijananaBhairava Tantra Kriya

  • Omkar Siddhi

  • Mantra Uccarana and Dharana

  • Mandukya meditations

  • Basic Kundalini-Bhuta Shuddhi Kriya

  • Foundational P-TAK Asana Sequence

  • Meditation Retreat -Advanced Kundalini Kriya, Advanced Mudras, Vajrayana Tantra and Swara Yoga


Daily Schedule for the 5-Month Course



8:00 – 9:00 AM : PRANAYAMA KRIYA

9:15 – 10:30 AM : BREAKFAST

10:30 – 11:45 AM : THEORY – YOGA ANATOMY


1:30 – 2:30 PM : LUNCH BREAK

2:30 – 3:15 PM : SIESTA




7:00 – 8:30 PM : DINNER BREAK



It is our belief, at Aryamarga Yoga, that to attain a minimum proficiency in the above 4 inter- related areas of Yoga, a minimum period of 5 months of intensive training is necessary.  With over 1100 hours of Yogic theory and practicals, the 5 month ANUBHAVA YOGA TTC culminates in a 4 day final examination. Successful participants of the course are awarded four certifications in Yoga:

  1. Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha Teachers Certification

  2. Yoga Psychotherapy Teachers Certification

  3. Yoga Physiotherapy and Disease PreventionTeachers Certification

  4. Kundalini Kriya Certification

It must be strongly stated, however, that AryaMarga is not affiliated with Yoga Alliance or any other organisation as we are a stand alone institute. Our aim and objective is to tranmit the authentic yogic teachings of the original Naga Lineage, founders of Hatha Yoga and Laya/Kundalini Yoga.

5-Month TTC Certification Ceremony

Student Reviews


Location & Accommodation

The 5-Month Anubhava Yoga TTC is a full-time residential course.

These four modules of the upcoming South-Indian Edition will unfold in Gokarna, Karnataka. A mystic beach and forest land of ancient provenance, Gokarna is first mentioned in the pre-historic text of Bhagvad Puran and later in the Mahabharata.  

Raised from the depths of the Sea King Varuna's kingdom by the sage Parashurama, Gokarna is the land where the Bana Linga or Sky-Self Gateway procured by Ravana the Demon King was established forever in the temple of Mahabaleshawara. 

The AryaMarga TTC Oct 2024 - Feb 2025 will be conducted in the spiritually charged Shiva Forest Ashram in Kudle Beach, within this land of Gokarna.
Apart from students and faculty, the Forest Ashram is resident to the Ashram dogs, cats, cows, buffalos, wild pigs, eagles, reptiles, and a large family of Grey Langur Monkeys. Students will also have the opportunity to perform Gau Seva (Service to the Cow), practice organic farming, and learn the secret science of Yagnas, Homam, & Vedic rituals from the Pandits supporting AryaMarga TTC teachings at the Shiva Forest Ashram. 


Students get to choose between Private Room Accommodation and Double-sharing basis Accommodation, 4-Bed Dormitory, Small Room with shared Bathroom.

Shiva Forest Ashram

Cottages, ​Shiva Forest Ashram