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AryaMarga Yoga Institue

Experience is Soul

Integrative Yoga & Therapy

At AMY we integrate the body-mind yogic principles of attaining psychological homeostasis or well-being through physical homeostasis. Our Yoga Therapy is based on the integration of parametric systems of contemporary psychology, with the ancient yogic systems of mind control

Long-Term Advanced Teacher Training Courses

5-Month Anubhava Yoga TTC

5-Month Anubhava Yoga TTC

World's Most Intensive Yoga Training Course


45-Day P-TAK 4 Yogas TTC

Integrated and Exhaustive Yoga Teacher Training Course


1-Month Yoga Psychology TTC

The Golden Key to your True Self


1-Month Somatic Therapy TTC

Learn the Science of Yogic Disease Prevention and Healing 

Who Should Choose AryaMarga Yoga's Intensive Training Courses?

​Authentic Lineage Yoga

Self Willed Transformation



Those who wish to undertake Intense Yogic training and move onto the path of Self-willed transformation

Those wishing to move beyond superficial nature of modern yogic training methods to an Authentic, Lineage Experience of Yoga

Those who believe that personal evolution is a conscious choice and that it has no limits

Self Motivation Yoga Course

Self Motivation

Those willing to undertake risk, uncertaininty and intense self-motivation 

Yoga as a Way of life

Yoga as a
Way of Life

Those who believe that Yoga is not simply a bunch of techniques but is a Way of Life and its living

Self Motivation Yoga Course
intensive yogic training to access the infinite potential of intellect and intuition
Secular & Liberal Yoga Teacher Training in India, the birthplace of Yoga

Advance Physical Fitness

Overcome All & Everything

Access to Intellect & Intuition

Those who physical fitness is average at a minimum, and those who wish to crossover into advanced levels of physical fitness

Those who believe they can overcome all and anything given the right effort and method

Those who appreciate the vast power and farther reaches of human intellect and intuition

Unfold True Human Potential

Those who wish to allow the true potential of the human mind to unfold

Secular & Liberal Approach

Those who are secular and liberal in their approach to life and faith

Why Choose AryaMarga Yoga's Teacher Training Courses?

Authentic, Syncretic & Secular Lineage Teachings

Ancient Lineage-based Intensive Yogic training by the Naga Dasanama order of Monks - the Oldest Living Order of Monkhood in the World

Intensive, Integrated Yogic Training

The 5-Month Anubahva Yoga Training Course and its subsidiary TTCs are probably the most intensive & integrated Teacher trainings in the world

True Experience of Guru-Shishya Relationship

 For us, the student is the future Guru (Teacher) and light-bringer to others. To attend to them correctly is our greatest responsibility and privilege.

Practical Training in Anuttara Yoga Tantra

Experience-based yoga training in the techniques and structure of Highest Yoga Tantra. This system is the Mother and the Nadir of all Yogas & Tantras.

Zero Point System of Yogic Psychology

Based on the ancient science of Numerals (Samkhya) and the 5-Elements, The 0 Point System allows the practitioners to identify their own ego and sub-conscious matrix personality, as well as those of others.

System of Yoga Therapy based on P-TAK System

The Somatic Therapy Training system allows the practitioner to prevent and cure whole classes of diseases. Learn the Yogic viewpoint of 22 common diseases, their diagnosis, prognosis and therapy.

The Secret Tantra of Naropa & Mahamudra

Opportunity to learn and practice The Secret Tantra school of Naropa and Mahamudra system in the isolated Himalayan desert of Spiti valley in the mystical Caves of Tabo.

27 Asana P-TAK & 54 Asana
A-PTAK Sequence 

Intensive training in the 27Asana PTAK (Pancha Tattva Asana Kriya) and the 54 Asana A-PTAK (Advanced PTAK) sequence of Asanas, gain practical understanding of the working of Elements in different asanas. 

Online Yoga Teachings and Courses

We are proud to present the AMY Online Yoga Teaching Courses, offering engaging Yoga teachings for all levels of students, to help serious aspirants quicky ascend onto the path of inner-transformation and self-discovery.   

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