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Terms & Conditions

  1. No use of heavy electrical appliances in room such as hair dryer, induction stove, heaters.

  2. No cooking inside rooms.

  3. No going inside the kitchen.

  4. No pets allowed inside rooms or during class sessions.

  5. 90% attendance at all classes, meditation sessions and yoga classes during a course is mandatory.

  6. No cell phones or recording devices allowed during classes.

  7. Shoes are to be left outside or in the entry halls of all buildings.

  8. Rooms are to be kept clean.

  9. No loud music to be played in rooms and/or on campus.

  10. Please maintain respectful attitude towards staff and group members, failure to do so may cause debarment from the course without any refund.

  11. Leaving the premises are only  with Staff permission and only when necessary.

  12. No usage of mobile phones post 10pm

  13. Maintain silence in your rooms post 10pm.

Refund Policy

  1. If due to unforeseeable circumstances, AryaMarga Yoga is compelled to cancel or postpone the program, in such exceptional circumstances, 100% of the program fee will be refunded to the students. All transactional cost shall also be borne by AryaMarga Yoga.

  2. All registered students who seek refund of fee on cancellation by self, due to personal reasons, can claim a refund of the program fee. The last date for such a claim shall be 15 days before the start of program.

  3. In the above instance, transaction and bank charges are to be borne by the student.

  4. If refund is claimed after the above-mentioned deadline, but before the completion of Orientation Session, course fee excluding the registration amount (USD $500) will be refunded to the registered student. In such instance, transaction and bank charges are to be borne by the student.

  5. There shall be no refund of fee after the completion of Orientation Session. However, Management may take a compassionate view of the cancellation request in a case to case manner.

  6. Program fee paid by one person is not transferrable to another, unless recommended by the concerned Department Head

  7. The policy mentioned above shall be subject to change under the discretion of AryaMarga Yoga Management, as and when deemed necessary.

Privacy Policy

  1. I agree to assume full responsibility for myself and for all personal property and I agree my participation in all activities is entirely at my own risk and peril and I further agree not to hold the Aryamarga Yoga Institute responsible in any way for any injury and /or damages which I may suffer.

  2. By attending a course at the Aryamarga Yoga Institute, I agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the Aryamarga Yoga Institute. I understand that if I do not follow any of the rules, I may be asked to leave the course.

  3. I acknowledge that the name Aryamarga, Aryamarga Yoga Institute, its logos, teaching manuals and materials are the property of the Aryamarga Institute and are protected by copyright and trademark law and as such can only be used by Aryamarga institute Centre unless authorized.

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