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Time is TBD


AadiSaktthi Ayurveda Resort

1-Week Intensive Asana Workshop

Level-Up your Asana Practice this Winter!

1-Week Intensive Asana Workshop
1-Week Intensive Asana Workshop

Time & Location

Time is TBD

AadiSaktthi Ayurveda Resort, 227/A, KS Rd, Vellar, Kovalam, Kerala 695527, India

About the event

Key TakeAways of the 1-Week Intensive Asana Workshop

  1. Learn 5 Elements Asana Kriya containing the 27 Asana P-TAK and 54 Asanas Advanced P-TAK Sequence
  2. Learn the 5-Element Pranayamas Sequence to Harmonize, 
  3. Hands-on Teaching regarding the Asana Postural Alignment and Breathing within the Asana
  4. Practice the Shat-Karmas of the 6 Yogic Purification Techniques
  5. Learn about the Physiological Effects of the Asanas and the Application of Asanas to Prevent/Heal Lifestyle Ailments   
  6. They would be able to understand about the play of the 5 Universal Elements within themselves and in the environment.
  7. Secret Knowledge about using the 5-Element of Asanas to effect changes in personality will also be transmitted to the students.
  8. At the end of the 1-Week Intensive Asana Course, students will learn the Asanas and Pranayams of the 5 Elements. They will also know how to measure the 5-Elements within themselves and others. 

About the Retreat

Soak in the warm and cosy climate of 'God's Own Country', Kerala, while you train with Thanida Palat in the advanced asana sequence of A-PTAK which means Advanced-Pancha Tattva Asana Kriya (five element asana techniques) in the serene ambience of South Indian sea-view Resort Aadisakkthi Ayurveda. 

The 54 asanas of the A-PTAK will be methodically practised, along with all their relevant assists, breathing, and cautionary steps. 

Knowledge of the five elements and the specific elements within each asana will be taught. The psychology and physiological effects of the asanas and their elements will also be covered during this retreat.

Advanced classes in Pranayamas, the 6 Cleansing Practices and the Relevant Sutras from hatha Yoga Pradipika will also be taught.

Who Should Attend

  • Students with intermediate to advanced asana practice will benefit most from the AMY Sea-side Asana Intensive Retreat. The intensity of the asana sequence might be too advanced for beginners, unless they are of an athletic nature. 
  • Students wishing to delve deeper into the essence of the asanas, their primary and secondary elements, and their physiological and psychological effects, will also find the AMY Himalayan asana retreat highly beneficial.

Registration & Course Fees

Kindly contact Program Mentor Akshat Madan ( for details regarding Schedule, Accommodation, Fees, Class Schedule, Content break-up, Study material,etc.

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