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Patañjali's Raja Yoga Sutras: Vibhuti Pada - Signs of Grace




2 Weeks

About the Course

Maharishi Patanjali, one of the Great Unknown Masters of ancient Indian sciences and languages, was no longer human when he transmitted the aphorisms that came later to be recorded and popularised as Raja Yoga, or the Royal Yoga.

The very essence of the Raja Yoga lies in the understanding of what it means to be human and how, given that understanding, one can willfully transcend unto higher states of consciousness. Having then transcended to beyond where there is no more transcendence, the thing that remains is not a human, in fact it is not even a thing. It is simply a happening-an undefinable, separately defined by each observer as per his/ her capacity. Maharishi Patanjali was communicating from the plane of this undefinable, in non-human language, through ‘telepathy’ as per the ancient record, with the students he had chosen as recipients for the Yoga Sutras, the aphorisms of Yoga. The Raja Yoga system is also called Ashtanga, which translates to 8 limbs -  ashta(eight) & anga(limbs).

The following sub-topics would be covered in great detail in this Raja Yoga Training Course. The in-depth study of these topics would help aspiring students of Yoga ascend unto Higher Levels of Experience. 

Viniyasa or Samadhi Yoga - The 6th, 7th and 8th Part of the Ashtanga Yoga System

Magical Reality - The Senses, Perception and Change

The Supernatural Powers of Yoga - Yoga Siddhis and Vinyasa Techniques

Warning Concerning Supernatural Powers

In this course, students would -

Understand the True Essence of Vinyasa Yoga or Samadhi Yoga, the internal limbs of the 8 Part Ashtanga Yoga System

Learn how we all create our Unique Reality, and understand how normal reality can be transformed into Magical Reality using Cognitive Techniques mentioned in the Yoga Sutras of Chapter 3

Understand the Spiritual Science behind the Supernatural Powers or Yoga Siddhis

Learn the Esoteric Vinyasa Techniques to activate these Supernatural Powers, in order to completely Transform Your Life and that of others 

Know the Warnings concerning the Supernatural Powers, and realize that they are but Obstacles on the path to Absolute Freedom

Break through darkness, and negative habit patterns using the most Powerful and Effective Cognitive Techniques of Yoga

Your Instructor

Roshan Palat

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