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Patañjali's Raja Yoga Sutras: Vibhuti Pada


The 3rd Chapter of the Yoga Sutras - An Immersive study of the 6th, 7th and 8th Part of the Ashtanga Yoga System. What you'll learn: - Understand the True Essence of Vinyasa Yoga or Samadhi Yoga, the Internal Limbs of the 8-Part Ashtanga Yoga System of Maharishi Patanjali - Learn how we all create our Unique Reality, and understand how normal reality can be transformed into Magical Reality using Cognitive Techniques from Yoga - Break through darkness, and negative habit patterns using the most Powerful and Effective Cognitive Techniques of Yoga - Learn the Esoteric Vinyasa Techniques to activate these Supernatural Powers, in order to completely Transform Your Life and that of others - Understand the Spiritual Science behind the Supernatural Powers or Yoga Siddhis

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