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Hatha Yoga Pradipika: Level 2 - Advanced Pranayama


AryaMarga Yoga is pleased to present the teachings of Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the 14th century master-text that details the science of the Willful Union of the Sun & Moon disks. This course is part of the 4 Yoga Teacher Training Course, which comprises of Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Samkhya Yoga, Pancha Tattva Asana Kriya and Pancha Tattva Pranayama Kriya. In this module, students would be introduced to the following topics as concerns this text - - The Definition, Objective and Method of Pranayama - The Advanced Techniques of Pranayama - The 3 Stages of Pranayama - Warning of Pranayama Sadhana - The Preparatory Practices for Pratyahara of Sense Internalization - The Indicators of Success - Entry to the Higher Yogas (Raja Yoga) through the Regular Practice of Pranayama Are there any course requirements or prerequisites? - A Keen Interest to Understand the Human Mind, Psychology and Higher Consciousness - Inner fearlessness to Experience Higher Levels of Reality - An Innate Desire and Passion to Know Your True Self Who this course is for: - Practioners of Yoga Who Wish to Gain In-Depth Knowledge into the varied Hatha Yoga Practices - Individuals Who Wish to Change their Personality and Cognitive Processes using Self-willed Evolution

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