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P-TAK - Hatha Yoga Sequence based on Five Elements


We, at AryaMarga Yoga, India, welcome you to the Yoga Asana system of the 5 Elements. All Yoga postures use the physical body and the body is composed of the five elements primarily. So, every yoga posture has a dominant element. The 5 Elements are Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Space. The 27 asanas of the P-TAK or Pancha Tattva Asana Sequence will take you through these 5 elements one by one. You will be able to experience for yourself the nature of these asanas due to their different elements. When you complete the whole P-TAK Asana training, you will find yourself capable of performing 27 classic Hatha Yoga asanas, three series of Sun Salutations and two Vinyasa sequences. What you’ll learn: - Learn and practice the 27 Asana P-TAK 5 Element Hatha Yoga Sequence - Learn the secret wisdom of the 5 Elements that make-up the Body and the Universe - Verbal Cues to help you get into a Hatha Yoga Asana posture with ease - Experience the unique nature of each asanas based on its dominant Element - A brief introduction of the Yoga Asanas and their relationship to the psyche Are there any course requirements or prerequisites? - Reasonably healthy body - Motivation to progress further as regards physiological evolution - Ability to appreciate an ancient physical art form that is more than 2500 years old Who this course is for: - Yoga Students & Teachers - Health and Nutrition Experts - Fitness and Wellness enthusiasts

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