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Raja Yoga: Level 2 - The 7 Levels of Raja Yoga


The 7 Levels of Intuitive Wisdom that Guides a Practioner to Absolute Freedom. How does one transcend the levels of "I am my Body", "I am my Mind", "I am my Soul"? These are different levels of subtlety, so, a person who says that he is his body is at the outermost level. The person who says that she is her Soul is one level subtler than the previous person. How does one mange to move along these different levels of subtlety? This can only be done through Discernment. Initially this is intellectual discernment, but later, with the practice of Yoga, one goes into Intuition and finally beyond Intuition into absolute knowledge. The thing reveals itself for what it is.  The intuitive wisdom that one goes through has 7 Levels. These 7 Levels of Pragna or intuition are discussed in this module. At each level, there is greater clarity that comes with refined discernment, until the final level of Turiya or absolution is achieved.  The following sub-topics would be covered in great detail in this Yoga Sutra Module - The 7 Levels of Raja Yoga. The in-depth study of these topics would help aspiring students of Yoga ascend unto higher levels of experience.  - Discernment - The Path to Subtle Awareness - The 7 Levels of Pragna or Discernment  - The 8-Part Raja Yoga System - The Path to Higher Discernment - The Great Resolution of Raja Yoga

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