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Time is TBD


AadiSaktthi Ayurveda Resort

3-Week 5 Elements Yoga Appreciation Course

The Secret 5-Element System of Yoga Unveiled

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3-Week 5 Elements Yoga Appreciation Course

Time & Location

Time is TBD

AadiSaktthi Ayurveda Resort, 227/A, KS Rd, Vellar, Kovalam, Kerala 695527, India

About the event

Key Takeaways

  1. Taught by teachers from the Forest tradition of the Giri Monks
  2. 125 Hours of Intensive Lineage based Yogic training in the 5-Element Yoga System
  3. Practice and Learn the 5 Elements Asana Kriya 27 Asana PTAK and 54 Asanas Advanced P-TAK Sequence
  4. Practice and Learn the 5-Element Pranayama Sequence
  5. Practical teaching and Hands-on Teaching Classes of Yoga Nidra or Lucid Dreaming
  6. Learn the Life-Transforming Theory of Yogic Psychology and the Integrated Zero Point System based on the 5+1 elements
  7. Self-study and map your Unique Personality through the Zero Point System of Yogic Psychology
  8. Learn the Secret Cognitive, affective, and behavioural techniques for therapy and psychological evolution from the Raja yogas, Shaiva Tantras, and Buddhist Tantras
  9. Methods of self-actualisation for transforming one’s own life and those of the clients/patients
  10. Experiential methods of Kriya yoga, an aspect of Kundalini yoga as a system of psychological evolution
  11. Learn how to construct Asanas & Pranayams into new Kriyas or Techniques involving different Elements, meant for attaining New Personality Traits and/or changing existing traits

About the Course

Aryamarga Yoga is proud to present the 3-Week Intensive 5-Elements Yoga Appreciation Course. The intensive and exhaustive course has been designed for those interested in actually experiencing the theory and practice of Authentic Yoga. The 3-Week Course acts both as a precursor to Arya Marga Yoga’s more Intense and Integrated 5-Month Anubhava Yoga TTC and independently, as a unique introduction to the ancient science of Integrated Yoga.

During this Intensive Training Course, students would be introduced to the novel Zero Point System of Yogic Psychology and Somatic Therapy. This life-transforming system allows the course participants to Diagnose, Prognose, and Self-heal therapy of Psychological & Physiological conditions using the Zero Point System of Yogic Psychology & Somatic Therapy Systems. They would learn the categorisation of Psychological and Physiological traits into 5 element personality combinations. Moreover, the Mapping the Personality Traits, potential and manifest to the “petals” of the 7 chakras, or psychosomatic centres will be taught to students during this course. 

Location and Accommodation

There will be 7 hours a day of full-time classes. These classes would be held in the exotic AadiSaktthi Ayurvedic Village in Kovalam, Kerala.

Overlooking the Arabian sea from one of the highest points in Kovalam, Aadisaktthi Ayurveda Village is a holistic Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation village. Aadisaktthi Ayurveda Village offers a warm, friendly and homely atmosphere for guests to relax and rejuvenate, we also offer state-of-the-art four-star worth rooms and facilities along with leisure activities to our guests, placing us at the top as one of the most desired luxurious Ayurveda spot in Trivandrum.

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Diet Plan

AryaMarga Yoga would be offering to its students a wholesome and nutritious Yogic diet to complement the Yogic teachings. A special Yogic Diet Plan would be curated for each student after assessing their unique Elemental Combination based on the Prakriti Analysis technique.  Such a diet would help and enable the students to maintain psychological and physical strength, vigour, and a lightness of the body and mind to fully integrate the .life transforming teachings.

Registration & Course Fees

Kindly contact Program Mentor Akshat Madan ( for details regarding Schedule, Accommodation, Fees, Class Schedule, Content break-up, Study material,etc.

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