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Patañjali's Raja Yoga Sutras: Kaivalya Pada-Absolute Freedom




2 Weeks

About the Course

Maharishi Patanjali, one of the Great Unknown Masters of ancient Indian sciences and languages, was no longer human when he transmitted the aphorisms that came later to be recorded and popularised as Raja Yoga, or the Royal Yoga.

The very essence of the Raja Yoga lies in the understanding of what it means to be human and how, given that understanding, one can willfully transcend unto higher states of consciousness. Having then transcended to beyond where there is no more transcendence, the thing that remains is not a human, in fact it is not even a thing. It is simply a happening-an undefinable, separately defined by each observer as per his/ her capacity. Maharishi Patanjali was communicating from the plane of this undefinable, in non-human language, through ‘telepathy’ as per the ancient record, with the students he had chosen as recipients for the Yoga Sutras, the aphorisms of Yoga. The Raja Yoga system is also called Ashtanga, which translates to 8 limbs -  ashta(eight) & anga(limbs).

What it means to be human is what the mind conceives it to be. It is nothing more or less than a conception. Based on the conception, we form frames of reference based on our upbringing and learning experiences. From this frame of reference arises the character, the fully formed ego and way, unique to each one of us, of experiencing the world around us. Patanjalis revolutionary teaching is to take this whole lot and dump it at one go. To detach the conceived world from its source of projection with one fell stroke. These, then are the 8 Limbs of Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, divided into four sections, that make up the millennia old teaching of Integral Yoga, the royal path of Raja Yoga.

In this course, the final chapter of Patanjali's Raja Yoga Sutras : "Kavailya Pada - Absolute Freedom", which explains the Highest State of Kaivalya and the splendorous levels of higher consciousness states that are to waiting be experienced, is explained verse by verse with utmost clarity and brevity. Yoga practitioners, psychologists and cognitive scientists would appreciate these teachings, which have been presented in a systematic and syncretic approach, keeping in mind the present-day socio-cultural trends. 

The following sub-topics are covered in this course -   

Highest Yoga Psychology - Cognition, Self and Reality

The Mind Illusion

True Self and Absolute Freedom

Your Instructor

Roshan Palat

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